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We share our best kept secrets. At the stilwerk concept:space in Hamburg we present you the best from unknown worlds: newcomer labels, rising stars and hidden champions are waiting to be discovered by you. Find your individual favorite pieces with us, which we curate exclusively for you. Be inspired by the latest design highlights in the stilwerk concept:space and make the invisible visible with us. Be the first.

No matter whether you are looking for a sofa, bed, armchair, dining table, curtains, accessories or even a new audio system - fresh designs for every room idea await you at concept:space. Come by and visit us for your holistic design experience directly on the Elbe. Or: arrange a consultation appointment with our design experts now.

concept:space in the stilwerk Hamburg Große Elbstraße 68

22767 Hamburg 2-4. OG



The Century brand comes to us in Hamburg with its collection directly from the Milan furniture fair: from sofas to side tables, the Brazilian brand is showing its entire portfolio in Germany for the first time. Absolutely worth discovering, after all, Century combines classic designs with quality and comfort at a high level. Sustainable production and the longevity of the furniture are just as important as the precision craftsmanship.


clasetta, that is Clas Ekberg from Sweden and Etta Seifert from Germany. With sensitive, skilled craftsmanship and a sense of beauty, they design and build special lights in their own workshop in Potsdam. Clear in shape and color, they are absolute statement pieces that function as objects in the room even when off.


deSteenBoom: Unique living environments made of naturalness and design - made of wood, stone and passion. The Hamburg metropolitan region is the home of deSteenBoom - a creative association of different professions. What everyone shares: the passion for timeless, iconic furniture design and the Nordic nature of their homeland. The unique products function as independent objects in the room and impress with their immediate materiality. From March in concept:space.


Collectible Design Objects: The furniture from Giant's Orchestra lets the material do the talking. Ancient woods from New Zealand come in a reduced design language and give the fallen giants a new life. From the sideboard with an extraordinary wooden front to the bowl with a flattering texture - the collection perfectly showcases the woods from Aotearoa's forests. The contract furniture is manufactured in Germany and New Zealand.


Traditional Austrian craftsmanship: Founded in 1492, Gmnundner Keramik has been synonymous with quality tableware ever since. Each piece is handmade and each collection is unique. The 'White Flamed' is a true classic, emphasising reduction with clarity and structure. Also available in other colours and now in concept:space.


Anchored in Seattle and Amsterdam, award-winning creative studio Graypants was founded as an opportunity to apply an architectural mindset to product design and art—enhancing space and enriching experiences. Graypants’ work, rooted in light-minded design, includes architecture, product design, art

installation and exhibition.


At Hans K, Nordic understatement meets first-class craftsmanship paired with effortless details. The Swedish brand relies on sustainable raw materials and timeless designs that last a lifetime. By collaborating with outstanding designers, complemented by consistent quality, Hans K produces a unique and dynamic collection for both the private and public sectors.


Architecture and design go hand in hand for Laury Maasry: born in Washington, D.C. in 1986, Maasry studied architecture and art in Delft and Utrecht and has lived in Berlin since 2014. The Fourframes table series combines Bauhaus functionalism with material-based ornamentation. Each variation is created using different joinery techniques, proportions and raw materials. Architects and carpenters work closely together to create these unique tables.


Looops stands for handmade natural candles, made with love and care in Austria. Each candle is made from pure, natural ingredients and refined with essential oils to create an authentic scent experience. Looops candles are environmentally friendly and free from artificial additives, making them a sustainable choice for your home. Experience the magic of Looops - where craftsmanship and nature come together in perfect harmony.


M2Rugs stands for exclusive, handmade rugs that bring art and comfort to your home. The collections combine traditional techniques with modern design, offering rugs made from high quality natural materials. Each piece is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail to create long-lasting, stylish accents. M2Rugs is committed to sustainable production and ethical working conditions. Discover M2Rugs - rugs that perfectly combine elegance and sustainability - here at concept:space.


mjiila stands for an unobtrusive, luxurious lifestyle that combines minimalist aesthetics with elegant and innovative materials. Owner Olivier Moravik, who founded the brand in 2013, relies on the skills of French and European craftsmen who guarantee excellent manufacturing quality and pursues the goal of limiting the impact on the environment with timeless, sustainable designs. Designed with love. Made with care. The om26 side table is on display in the concept:space. Tailor-made products for interior designers can be produced upon request.


The Israeli brand Nachshon combines precision craftsmanship with an unobtrusive, very clear design language. Reduced designs that come without any frills and fit into a wide variety of interiors. The Armchair 01 combines the strict steel frame with soft leather that adapts to the body. Definitely recommended to try it out. You can now find other designs such as the Rocking_Armchair or Armchair Lounge_01 here.


The Northern brand was born in the studios of Northern Lighting, where a team of creatives have been lighting lives for twelve years. The brand combines beauty with functionality and favors natural materials and true craftsmanship. Northern's debut collection is simplicity at its finest, in the form of unfussy designs that combine well but also mesh and contrast easily. Smoked wood, muted colors and strong silhouettes create subdued moods, while subtle geometries and classic sensibilities add an elegant touch.


NV Gallery reinvents the profession of designer in its own way: from the conception of the designs to the search for raw materials and the relationship with partners to delivery. Always interior, always design. The goal: to create contemporary designs that are modern and individual at the same time.


Oliver Furniture stands for Danish design at its best. Since its foundation, the company has been creating stylish, sustainable furniture for children and adults. With a passion for craftsmanship and an eye for detail, they create timeless pieces that combine functionality and aesthetics. Each piece of Oliver Furniture tells a story of quality and design that will last for generations. Discover the world of Oliver Furniture - where tradition meets modernity.


The family business ONE HOUSE, founded by the German-Dutch couple Jan-Willem & Katharina van den Bosch in Munich, unites two worlds and combines the Amsterdam design character and charm with German craftsmanship in furniture making. As an advocate of responsible entrepreneurship, it is also clear that the brand only creates high-quality and timeless furniture. You won't find trends like fast furniture or monthly changing collections at One House. The founding couple attach great importance to local material procurement, short supply chains and a small ecological footprint. The collection includes sofas, side tables and accessories.


POET is committed to high fidelity in the literal sense: high fidelity of sound. Because what could sound better than a trained voice, a Steinway grand piano developed over generations or an original Stradivarius? The POET development team in Graz achieves this authentic sound using the highest quality components. But even more important is the design: POET systems are always fully active, which means that the amplifier modules are located in the loudspeaker itself. The POET sound world in the stilwerk Hamburg is also a small experiment: the consultations take place via video conference from the headquarters in Graz. Customers are given maximum independence in their initial experience with the POET sound systems; they can move freely and learn how easy the POET sound systems are to use with their smartphone.


For little design enthusiasts: The play furniture from Present Stories is a real all-rounder and invites you to create imaginative designs. They integrate beautifully into the living space and become long-lasting companions for young and old. Behind the Berlin-based label are Silvia and Antonia - siblings and designers with their own studio. The idea for the concept came from their own interests: In their search for timeless, plastic-free play furniture, they couldn't find what they were looking for, so they set up their own label. Highly recommended.


With Rackbuddy products you can make optimal use of your space. The Danish brand's strategy? Maximizing storage space while minimizing material consumption. How it works? With a modular system that requires just a few components and offers endless combination options for the greatest possible individuality. Stretch your space - with the RackBuddy system at any time.


"Creating healthy spaces" ... that is Renson's slogan and mission. As a trendsetter in the areas of ventilation, sun protection and "outdoor living", this dynamic and fast-growing family business swears by the natural elements of light and air, which - used intelligently - are the basis for represent a healthy living and working environment for everyone. Through the intensive concentration on innovation, communication and internationalization, Renson works in a future-oriented manner and always in the spirit of a healthy and comfortable indoor climate as well as a pleasant outdoor life in houses, apartments, offices, schools and care facilities. In The focus is on sustainable and aesthetically integrated overall concepts that meet the high requirements for energy efficiency, acoustics and design.


Admittedly, a sweat booth doesn't fit in your pocket. Nearly. The outdoor sauna is so small – 2.16 x 2.16 meters – that you can put it wherever you want. Whether at the lake, in a forest clearing or simply in the garden. The design is reduced, the construction is simple: the plug-in connection at the corner makes the sweat booth extremely stable. Only Nordic spruce or Douglas fir wood from certified, sustainable cultivation is used. These two woods are particularly suitable because they absorb and release high humidity well. The outer skin of Douglas fir remains untreated and grays over time without artificial wood protection.


Let it grow: With Simple Plant you can harvest fresh salads, herbs and vegetables every day at home. All year round and without a balcony. The smart gardens are available in different sizes and are produced in Hamburg. Only high-quality materials such as oak and stainless steel are used, but your vegetables get the biggest stage. Also suitable for anyone without a green thumb: the right app always tells you what needs to be done.


Timeless and functional: The formal language of the TEBTON® designs comes across as a certain matter-of-factness thanks to their reduced aesthetics. As if they had always been there. The possible uses are diverse: thanks to their clean look, the lights, tables, stools and shelves fit skilfully into a wide variety of furnishing styles and work as part of an ensemble as well as as stand-alone items. The best for last: Everything is made in Berlin - from powder coating to metal processing. Local. Sustainable. Innovative.


Thomas Gardener is synonymous with world-class garden design and innovative sustainability. The company has been transforming green spaces into true oases of wellbeing for over two decades. The team of experienced gardeners and landscape architects develop bespoke concepts that are both visually inspiring and ecologically responsible. At concept:space, Thomas Gardener is now presenting the outdoor kitchens of Freiluft Manufaktur, which combine a clear design language with uncompromising quality.


Mouth-blown glass objects and vases that shape the material into unconventional forms: These are the experimental creations that Fabio Vogel develops in his studio in Hanover, Germany. Born in Germany and raised in Portugal, Vogel studied interior architecture and furniture design at the renowned Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle. In his studio, he focuses on the act of making, blurring the boundaries between art and design.


Craftsmanship and timeless design are the characteristics that have made Wittmann furniture so unique since 1896. The Austrian company, founded as a saddlery and leather processing company, stands for excellent perfection “Made in Austria”. The current upholstered furniture collections from leading designers such as Sebastian Herkner, Jaime Hayon and Monica Förster combine tradition and modernity at the highest level of craftsmanship. In the The traditional brand relies on the best quality and sustainability in the sense of longevity. From the construction of the frame to the finishing of the seams, real experts are always at work.


Zero Interiör was founded in 1978 with the vision of creating unique lighting solutions for indoors and outdoors. The family business has 80 percent of production taking place within a radius of just 200km from Nybro (Sweden). The guiding principles: quality, environmental protection and innovation. Since 2004, ZERO lighting has been working with renowned designers, including FRONT and Monica Förster.


Furnishing the Future since 1899: For over a century, Zimmer + Rohde has been designing high-quality furnishing textiles with sophisticated designs and filling the interface between tradition and innovation. The fabrics are always of high quality, always current, always timeless. Inspiration comes from everywhere, so the brand offers an international portfolio and serves a wide range of interior design styles: timeless German design, opulent Italian luxury, carefree French flair, down-to-earth British naturalness and eternal American elegance.



Pedestal is a Danish design brand dedicated to the aesthetic component of electronics. The products demonstrate the courage to use color and impress with their timeless design. Whether it's a TV stand, cable organization or other technical accessories - Pedestal Designs makes electronics suitable for design while remaining honest, versatile and functional. The brand pays attention to ecological standards and acts sustainably. Selected designs will be available from us from the end of February.  



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