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BoConcept x BIG

BoConcept launches the "Nawabari" collection with BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group. Now available at BoConcept in stilwerk Hamburg.

Bjarke Ingels talks to Jakob Lange about the new collaboration with BoConcept

Enthusiastic about the product: Bjarke Ingels and Jakob Lange, Head of Product at BIG, in conversation. © BoConcept

A design collaboration between two greats of Danish design does not happen every day. But now it has happened: BoConcept is delighted to be collaborating with the world-renowned architectural firm BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group – and is presenting the exclusive “Nawabari” collection.

"BoConcept is known for its elegant and timeless designs that are eye-catching in any room. With this collaboration, we are opening up to BIG's characteristic disruptive approach with playful, informal designs. We are proud to be able to work with Bjarke and his team on this collection." Paula Mc Guinness, Chief Marketing Officer


The inspiration

The design of the collection, which was created under the leadership of partner and Head of BIG Products Jakob Lange, is inspired by the traditional Japanese art form of rope tying to create tight bonds. "Nawa" means rope in Japanese, and the term "Nawabari" traditionally refers to the tensioning of ropes.

"When we started this collection, we were looking for a new form of expression for furniture. We were interested in the shapes that emerge when a material is tied with rope. The result is these sculptural organic shapes that form the core of this furniture family." Jakob Lange
Works of art for the design-oriented home

The Nawabari collection is an invitation to anyone who loves elegant design to transform their home into a creative art gallery. The colorful Nawabari stools make unique statements that transform any room, whether bedroom or home office, into a vibrant and artistic place.

The Nawabari collection consists of two sofa options, an armchair, two coffee tables and two large footstools. It can be assembled in a variety of fabrics and colours from BoConcept's wide range, making it very versatile. The available fabrics include the luxuriously soft Ravello fabric, which is available in six colours: sand, beige, grey, grey-green, dark blue and old pink.

Sofa from the Nawabari collection by BoConcept x BIG

The simplicity and elegance of BoConcept combined with BIG's forward-thinking, functional aesthetic make each design in the Nawabari collection an unparalleled design experience with the highest level of comfort and artistic design.

The Nawabari collection is now available at BoConcept in stilwerk Hamburg. For more information about the launch, visit .


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