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We carefully curated the interior of the small boutique hotel with 12 rooms in the main building and three suites in the captain's cottage: modernity, history and architectural finesse merge into a seamless whole. The color palette from dusty blue to sandy yellow is inspired by the wild surroundings, natural materials and manufacturing quality characterize the interior concept of the house. Bold details bring excitement and offer the perfect space for design-savvy travelers. No matter which exclusive event format is desired, we offer the ideal setting for unforgettable moments, invite you to bring visions to life and welcome guests in an ambience that embodies elegance, luxury and creative inspiration.

ready when you are. 

Coaching, meeting, private vernissage, readings and concerts, wine and spirits tastings, press events, product presentations, exclusive bookings, private soirée. If desired, a personal chef is available to make first-class menu suggestions and implement them, all in the spirit of sustainability and regionality.

stilwerk Strandhotel Blankenese

Hamburg Blankenese

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