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reframing architecture. the b2b hub for architects

In the successful event series ReFraming Architecture, changing architects and designers present their office with visionary works and put forward time-relevant theses.

In an almost private atmosphere, participants have the opportunity to exchange professional skills and industry insights and network in a targeted manner.

The stilwerk as a destination for interior design offers an attractive setting for all design, project and architectural professionals. In addition to the exclusive variety of brands and expert advice, stilwerk has established ReFraming Architecture, an exclusive platform for lively exchange between planners and brands.

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Design installation with plants and the Vitra elephant in the stilwerk Berlin Kantgaragen
Hotel room in the stilwerk Hotel Hamburg

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Dates 2024

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reframing architecture as a brand ambassador with high target group affinity

Live Talks

Participants limited to 80 industry insiders

Online talks (on demand) 

High exposure to relevant target group

Architects & Designers 

Well-known professionals put forward contemporary theses 

Industry insider network 

Digital stilwerk Kosmos & B2B cosmos

stilwerk platform 

2 design destinations in Düsseldorf and Hamburg
2 hospitality destinations in Hamburg
digital stilwerk Kosmos 

Media partnership

AW Architecture and Living

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