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Color trends 2024

Like every year, the major color manufacturers such as Pantone, Akzonobel/Dulux and Caparol presented their color trends for the coming year at the end of 2023: The nuances vary, which is what they all have in common: the powdery and gentle. What follows: A brief overview.

Architecture, fashion, design: colors determine our world. They influence our mood, give a room character and can become an expression of our personality. Color trends develop over several years - from the first appearance to the ubiquitous appearance to the eventual decline. Color manufacturers such as Pantone from the USA, Akzonobel/Dulux from Great Britain or Caparol from Germany analyze long-term social trends in their research and development departments in order to create harmonious color worlds that are in tune with the times. Whether a color only experiences a short-term hype or establishes itself as a popular shade in the long term depends on global developments – so-called mega-trends. These include topics such as urbanization and digitalization, the gap between rich and poor, modern feminism, climate change and a pandemic.

The last few years have been marked by multiple crises, wars and social conflicts worldwide. The economic, socio-political and psychological consequences have a lasting impact on our society. So it's no wonder that the 2024 color trends from the leading color institutes also refer to this: it's about gentleness, community and confidence.


This is the 25th time that the Pantone Color Institute has chosen the color of the year. The institute has been translating the global zeitgeist and the current mood and attitudes of people into color tones for a quarter of a century. It all started in 1999 with the blue shade “PANTONE Cerulean Blue 15-4020”. In 2024, the trend color is "PANTONE Peach Fuzz 13-1023": a light peach nuance that offers a fresh approach to a new softness and conveys a message of sharing, community and togetherness.

Photo credits: © PANTONE


The color experts at British paint manufacturer Akzonobel/Dulux have declared "Sweet Embrace" their tone of the year: Inspired by soft feathers and evening clouds, this gentle color brings a cozy atmosphere into the room, which balances out the fast-paced and complex world outside does. The credo of the Dulux experts for this year: “Home, where your life is”. “Sweet Embrace” is accompanied by three matching color palettes that are sometimes warm, sometimes calm, sometimes invigorating.


At the German color expert Caparol, nature is the focus: more than ever, it is becoming an oasis of calm and energy. That's why the Caparol Color Design Studio has chosen "Honey Gold" as the color of the year. A tone that conveys a connection to the earth, elegance, optimism and comfort in its luminous naturalness. Three color worlds are grouped around this radiant tone. The connection between inside and outside is central and the focus is on permeability.

© Caparol

In order to bring the trendy tones "Peach Fuzz", "Sweet Embrace" and "Honey Gold" into your own four walls, it doesn't always have to be a large-scale wall design - the colors can also be used in the form of accessories, textiles or small furniture integrate well into the existing interior. Natural materials such as wood, wool and marble look particularly harmonious. You can find optimal advice on color design and room planning as well as lots of inspiration for furniture and home accessories to match the trend colors of 2024 six days a week in our design destinations Düsseldorf and Hamburg.


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