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Places to See: Capital Region USA

Multifaceted holiday destination on the US east coast

A view of the Blue Ridge Mountains

The picturesque landscapes of the Blue Ridge Mountains © Visit VBR

From the picturesque landscapes of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the countless water sports activities on the Chesapeake Bay, the capital region on the US east coast has a lot to offer for a varied US vacation. In the middle of it all lies the American capital Washington, DC. Anyone who thinks that everything here is just about politics is completely wrong. The National Mall is lined with impressive monuments, first-class museums and buildings such as the White House and the US Capitol, which you otherwise only know from television. Lively city districts - some of which enchant with a relaxed waterfront - invite visitors to go shopping, enjoy culinary delights in 28 Michelin-starred restaurants and a lively nightlife with wonderful views from the numerous rooftop bars. If you've had enough of the big city air, rent a car and go on a road trip through the neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia - two cities should definitely be on the program.

Slider: The White House © | Cherry blossoms in Washington © | National Museum of Natural History © | Abraham Lincoln statue in the Lincoln Memorial © | National Museum of African American History and Culture © Alan Karchmer

Annapolis: Maritime flair in the charming port city

With almost 6,440 kilometers of coastline, Maryland is perfect for water sports and beach lovers. A very special gem is Annapolis, the capital of Maryland and the sailing capital of the USA. Today, the atmosphere is characterized by the maritime hustle and bustle at the City Dock and by the US Naval Academy, which can be visited on guided tours or on your own.

top from left to right: Picturesque sunrise in Annapolis © Bob Peterson, a view of the main street of Maryland's capital city © Robert Peterson | bottom from left to right: A view of the port city from above © Visit Annapolis & Anne Arundel County, Annapolis Saliboat Show

Around the harbor and along Main Street there are small boutiques, mostly locally owned, that sell handcrafted items, art and souvenirs. The restaurant menus include crab cakes and fresh seafood.

Charlottesville: Wine enjoyment at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains

The state of Virginia impresses with its diverse landscape, from the mountains to the coast, as well as with almost 400 wineries that invite visitors to enjoy delicious tastings. Exactly 250 years ago, former US President Thomas Jefferson laid the foundation for US wine production here.

A ride through the vineyards of Charlottesville © CACVB

Today, vacationers can visit not only his country estate Monticello but also numerous award-winning wineries around Charlottesville. The charming college town offers a wide range of accommodation options with exquisite resorts in the picturesque surrounding area and modern hotels in downtown Charlottesville. Hiking and cycling are particularly good in the nearby Shenandoah National Park.

Left: Downtown Charlottesville © VTC | Right: Picturesque: Monticello, the country estate of former US President Thomas Jefferson © Virginia Tourism Corporation

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